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Picking your venue

1. Make sure you check how dog friendly your venue is. Do they have areas that are off limits to dogs? Are there certain times they can't be around (ie. mealtimes)

2. Are there any hazards? Ornaments or breakables at tail height?

3. Is there somewhere suitable for a toilet break? If there are only manicured gardens they may not want a dog doing their business on it!

4. Look for a quiet area where your dog can take a break. Is there a dog friendly bedroom? If it's pouring down it may not be very fun stuck outside!

What to bring

1. Plenty of water and a bowl

2. Treats. The tastier the better. I recommend cheese or chicken

3. Towels and brush, especially if it's been raining, your dog must look their best for their big moment!


4. Spare dog lead and collar. Especially if your dog has a decorative harness, you may want to swap them if they're going for a toilet break and don't want them to get dirty!

5. Their bed or a favourite blanket. Perfect if they need to chill out for a bit, the familiar smell will help this.

Preparing your dog

1. Teach your dog a 'self settle', where they go to a bed or will happily lie down and happily be ignored.

2. If you can, take them to the venue before the big day. This will help them with unfamiliar sites and smells.

3. Pick a specific person to look after them through the day. Your dog will be happier not being passed around and you will know they are safe.

4. Teach a solid sit and wait. This is especially helpful for getting the best photos!

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