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Our own Pawfect wedding - Part 1

Four years ago next week, my other half, Martin, proposed in York on a kid-free weekend. Yes it sounds like it should have been really romantic, but bless him it really wasn’t 😂. Two more dogs and another daughter later, we haven’t got any further in the planning process...

...until now!

We now have several viewing booked in over the next few weeks, and I’m actually pretty excited! I spend my life helping other people with their weddings, going to venues across the North West and meeting the most amazing suppliers. All of that has definitely inspired me to actually get a move on! As many of you will know, I set up Pawfect Occasions because of my own dogs, I really want them to be a part of the wedding and have an integral part to play. They are, after all, a massive part of our family.

The dogs and the plan!

Eidur - at the moment, he is definitely the most well behaved out of the three. Being the first he’s had a lot more one to one time training with me, he’s also competed in agility so he has to have a little discipline! A lot of you will know him from wedding fairs, he’s often seen accosting me people for attention or showing off his tricks! He was my first dog as an adult so I think it would be fitting that he be the ring bearer. Plus, I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty sure the girls would just disappear off for a nosy round the grounds, and roll around in something hideous!

Shelby and Luna - not going to lie, Shelby is a liability. I love her to bits but she is definitely the wild one, much more interested in clowning about. If I don’t keep a careful watch of her she’s off exploring and literally couldn’t care less that we are shouting her. Luna is obviously only a baby right now, in theory she should be better behaved than Shelby by 2023. I think they will walk down the aisle with me and Eidur and my Dad, and have another job through the day, I’m not one hundred percent sure what yet!

The dog chaperone’s dogs! Luna, Eidur and Shelby.

The big question...

Who looks after the dog chaperone’s dogs? Good question...I really haven’t a clue for now, I will get back to you on that one 😂

Keep an eye out for the next blog about the venues. I will give you some useful tips for finding dog friendly ones.

Oh and not forgetting the actual wedding!

It does appear I'm completely obsessed with my dogs...I actually do have a partner, Martin, and two kids, Robyn and Charlotte. I've been told I can't have a dog theme for the wedding, but if they had their way it would be F1 and football themed! So we may have to compromise somewhere on that one. Watch this space!

Have I inspired you to involve your dogs in your wedding day? Feel free to contact me on 07792356051, I’d love to be a part of your wedding journey to too ❤️

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