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Daisy and her humans get married!

So a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Jessica and James with the gorgeous Daisy, the cocker spaniel cross. I often have people ask me what I do on the day, so here’s a cheeky snippet 🐶

Pre wedding

First of all it was pick up time from Jessica and James' home. I get a sneaky peak at the groom and his friends getting ready (complete chaos and lots of nerves!) and Daisy is super excited.

When we get to Eaves Hall we are an hour early, so we get the chance to stretch our legs before meeting all the guests. Look at how stunning the scenery is. It’s quite muddy so we have a quick wash down back at the car oops!


As the guests start to arrive it’s safe to say Daisy is well loved and everyone comes to say hi on their way in. We stay near the entrance so we don’t miss all the cuddles (for the dog obviously 😂).

Next up the arrival of the beautiful bride, Daisy has a pre ceremony cuddle from her favourite person and we head back to the car for a half hour rest and a snack!

Post ceremony

Back for photos and the fun begins, cue Daisy stealing the show. I’m there to hold daisy when she isn’t needed and follow the lovely Jo around like a shadow!  Daisy makes herself heard in typical cocker style!

Now the party is set to start, it’s time for me and Daisy to head off home. Daisy is an older lady and isn’t cut out for that anymore (me neither!). We’re off for tea and a curl up on the sofa for a while. Then it’s a lovely chilly walk before our sleepover.

This is just one of many options for your big day. We can involve your dogs in bearing the rings, or we can keep an eye out for them for the whole day (maybe taking them for a walk whilst you enjoy you wedding breakfast). The possibilities really are endless, just contact us to discuss your needs 🐶💒

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