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Maybe I should introduce myself?!

So, I'm new to this blogging lark and thought I'd go about it the complete wrong way and introduce myself in my second blog!

So I'm Annabel, owner of Pawfect Occasions, and already known as the crazy dog lady among the local wedding people! I have to amazing daughters who run me ragged with my fiance, joined by 2 crazy collies and a rabbit we adopted off my sister. Eidur is a blue merle, 4 and very high maintenance (he's named after a footballer). And Shelby is the clown, she's black and white and named after the Peaky Blinders family. Basically I lead a crazy life!

It all started when I moved down south to do my degree at Northampton University, where I met fellow animal lovers and started working at a rescue in Cambridgeshire. I already loved dogs but that time (over 10 years ago now eek!) made me certain I would pursue a career with them, no matter what. So when I met my partner and we fell pregnant I set up my dog walking business, which kept me very busy for 5 years! Baby number 2 comes along and it's time for a change.

I started Pawfect Occasions because me and my other half (well mainly me...) desperately want our dogs to join us on our wedding day. They come with us on holiday, on day trips and pretty much everywhere we go, so why would we not have them join us on one of the happiest days of our lives? Which got me thinking, how is it going to be logistically possible to have them there? I only have a small number of humans I trust with my 2 rather reactive collie dogs. As sociable as they are around humans, they do like to jump up and maul people for attention as much as is possible. And who can look after them afterwards?

Literally a nightmare I had no idea how to solve....

So what do I do? I solve the problem...

For everyone else. Literally the story of my life...

So the long and short of it is, I'm here to help you out. Solve that logistical nightmare and ensure you can enjoy that big day without any worry at all. Meanwhile, I will continue to suffer in a not so very silent silence :')

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