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Involving your dog in your wedding

As you've found this page, we can safely say you're looking to include your dog in one of the most special days of your lives. They are, after all, a big part of our lives. And there is a lot to think about in preparation.

Get your dog used to a busy environment A wedding is a busy and stressful place for a dog. Therefore, it's important to make sure your dog is able to cope. Take this at your dog's pace at all times and remember lots and lots of tasty treats!

Take your dog to the venue prior to the day That way they can familiarise themselves with the sights and smells when it's quieter. Introduce them to people they may meet on the day from the venue itself. A lot of dog friendly venues have dog friendly staff who can provide your dog with a positive experience.

Murphy showing off his bandana (image: Karen Blackwell Photography)

Think of how you can involve them If, like me, you have a dog that wants to learn and loves to be the centre of attention, why not give them a starring role? You could teach them to bring the rings down the aisle, or greet guests with a high five! Go on Youtube, I can't tell you how many ideas there are on there! If they aren't willing to perform, they could wear a bandana or some flowers.

Remember photos Tell the photographer early on that you plan on involving your dog. They can plan some really cool shots!

Ensure your dog can behave themselves Not everyone in your wedding party will be 100% around dogs, so it's vital your dog doesn't jump up. No one wants your beautiful white wedding dress ruined either! Teach them to sit when greeting someone. You could even teach them a cheeky bow to say hello!

Designate Pawfect Occasions to look after them through the day It's important that your dog is comfortable and their welfare is catered to throughout the day. They should be able to go off to the toilet regularly and water be provided at all times. The dog may just want a break from the hustle and bustle, maybe a play break?

Woman's best friend (image: Karen Blackwell Photography)

At Pawfect Occasions, we can provide you with a personalised training plan leading up to the big day. Just ask! And keep an eye out for a blog on my attempt to train my crazy border collie how to bring the rings down the aisle in a cute little basket....

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