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A day in the life of a dog chaperone

So I’ve had plenty of people asking me what it is I actually do and how I’ve decided the pricing of my packages. So what better place to explain this in a breakdown of Friday‘s wedding I attended.

It doesn’t all start on the big day either, I will always come and meet couples before any booking, if for no other reason than to get my doggy fix! This wedding was no different and I met up with the family and their three lovely dogs about 4 months ago. We chatted about what they wanted (bronze package) and I spent a lot of time on the floor getting kisses from a husky 😍

We have been in constant communication since that first meeting and I visited again the week before to pick up the keys and rehearse the accessories they would all be wearing and to get some more husky kisses!

Then its wedding day! This one was logistically a little bit of a nightmare, as it was on the sea front and I would have to park up on a car park 10 minute walk away.

12.00pm: Tidy myself up. Make sure car is stocked up with extra leads, baby wipes and towels. Not forgetting water and bowls and lots of tasty treats.

1:15pm: pick up dogs, make sure we have all accessories, dogs are loaded into the car.

2:30pm: park up and put accessories on Pip and take her to the venue. Cue a really super crazy busy sea front due to amazingly hot weather! One of their leads snaps, fortunately I have spares in my car. We successfully navigate a reactive collie through the throngs of people. Pip goes off with the groom to be whilst me and my assistant go for a wander with the other two. Yay seaside!

3:45pm: it’s photo time and all three dogs behave impeccably and really do steal the show. We are on hand to rearrange accessories and move the dogs about as and when needed.

4:45pm: home time! We are drop the three of them back in Preston where The neighbour will see to them. We check all the water bowls, have a cuddle with the cats and it’s treats all round!

Phew! What a fun day!

We make sure that our soul attention is on you and your dogs for the whole day, we only have one booking per day and are on hand pretty much every day to give you advice and provide support. We pride ourselves in providing the best care for your beloved pets, it is exactly what I would want for my own. And photos like the above to look back on make it so worthwhile.

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