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10 reasons to have your dog at your wedding!

If you're anything like myself, your dogs are a massive part of your life. I have 2 crazy collies, both of which come with me everywhere, and are spoiled rotten (yes they do have their own room at home oops!). So, surely leaving them at home for your wedding wouldn't work right?! Here are some great reasons to involve them.

1. They're essentially your furry children, right?

Okay, maybe not furry children but you get the idea. They are part of your life in a big way, they may come on holiday with you or join you on weekend hikes in the countryside. You spend evenings cuddling them on the sofa whilst you watch the soaps or the football, even letting them join you in bed. In fact, I know I probably spend more time with them than my kids!

2. They create a talking point!

Have you been to a wedding where you have a particular memory you will never forget? Maybe an extraordinary wedding cake with elaborate decoration, or the venue was decked out in their football teams colours. So what better way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd than to include your dog in proceedings.

3. You can dress them up super cute!

It's literally the perfect excuse to dress them up! Pick out a pretty flower collar or a decorative harness and lead combo, even pop on a tutu. The possibilities are endless and they will just look amazing and probably upstage the bride!

4. Your guests will love it!

Let's face it, if you're dog obsessed like me, all your guests will most likely be too. So they will definitely love interacting with your dog and no doubt getting some great selfies!

5. You're dog could walk you down the aisle...

What better way to involve them? But watch out, they will no doubt steal the show with how to die for they look! Or they could be up front with the groom, waiting with those big lovely eyes and wagging tail waiting for the bride to join them. Pawfect!

6. You're dog will love it!

If your dog is a sociable with humans as mine are, they will just have the best time ever. They will soak up being petted by everyone and enjoy the fuss. Be careful not to over stimulate them though, they could love it just a little too much!

7. The photos will be fabulous...

Most dogs just make a photograph, be that because they have the most photogenic face, or they've just decided that very moment was appropriate to jump up and give you a big sloppy kiss. No matter what happens, you will look back on them with the fondest of memories.

8. You don't have to leave them at home.

They will have all the company in the world at the wedding, you won't have to worry about them being left at home, or if they will be left for too long and miss out on all the fun.

9. You could make it a theme of your wedding!

Why not incorporate them in your theme? Have a doggy wedding favours box, or dog tags on the table. I could go on forever, how about getting them to greet guests with a favourite trick?

10. Did I mention you can get cute tuxedo for dogs??

Scour the internet and look on Facebook, you will find some amazing little businesses that make bespoke wedding gear especially for your dogs. I'm literally in love with all the items you can buy for your big day.

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