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Can I personalise my package?

Of course, not everything in each package will suit everyone. We can swap most things around for no charge. Some swaps may have a small charge.

My dog jumps up, what if he jumps on my wedding dress?

Why not book a training session with us? We can guide you on how to teach your dog to be calm when he meets people. We make sure your dog is under our control and we can move away if he/she is getting too excited.

Is there a limit on the amount of dogs I can have?

We have no limits, depending on your dogs' behaviour and how easy they are to handle. We have at least one handler for two to three dogs. Please check with your venue to see if they have a limit.

I have a reactive/nervous dog. Can I have them at my wedding?

Yes of course! We have a good deal of experience and knowledge of reactive/nervous dogs. We will take the time to get to know your dog, so it may be a good idea to book in a couple of training sessions before the big day, to alleviate as much stress as possible. We will provide lots of breaks through the day and come armed with your dogs favourite treats and toys!

Do you have the option of a payment plan?

Yes, definitely! We understand weddings are super expensive. When you spend over £100, we require a 20% deposit. We will then work out a plan to suit your budget.

Can my dog be a ring bearer?

They certainly can. We can provide you with ongoing advice throughout and can even include a bespoke training package. We love it when the dogs are fully involved in your big day!

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